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Pelmeni —

It is a true classic

They perfectly embody the simple blend of filling and dough. Siberian collection cherishes this part of culinary culture, gathering the best: pelmeni, dumplings (vareniki), pancakes (blini), khinkali and manti (big meat-dumplings).

It all

starts with the dough

We take snow-white extra class flour and knead it to the required standard consistency. We then get the thin, almost transparent dough used for our pelmeni. Hand-modelling remains the traditional base of many products of Siberian collection.

Filling is the heart

of the pelmeni.

We meticulously monitor the route of each component, from the farm to your table. Only natural meat, fresh vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese and aromatic spices are used in our products in a perfect ratio.

Adhering to

the “one to one” principle

We relentlessly control the quality and weigh each unit obtained. It is practice to use the term pelmeni in the plural form, but we actually believe in the uniqueness of each one of them.

Siberian collection

always strives to perfection

Our unique creations vary from 2g to 20g of pelmeni, as well as Dvulepnye pelmeni pelmeni with two separate fillings.

Real pleasure

is derived from boiling water

when it fully gives its refined taste,
Siberian collection supports you as a good hostess.