Three-layer package
Protect from sunlight
1. Opaque polyethylene antiseptic cover
2. Metallized polyethylene keeps cold
3. Transparent polyethylene



In order to preserve the gustatory qualities of products, Siberian collection has developed a three-layer protective packaging. It consists of a combination of robust materials with conservative properties. The outer barrier-layer prevents the penetration of air and sunlight, thus preserving taste qualities and aroma expression.

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The innovative design allows to significantly the efficiency of cooling. Siberian collection also cares about appearance. Our products are packed in dark or light packages with original drawings. For the convenience of our customers, we have provided a transparent bottom so you can see firsthand the quality of our products.


pelmeni and dumplings

This collection has been created for those who are opened to new things and value the diversity of life. Dvulepnye pelmeni and dumplings open amazing frontiers for taste, emphasizing the individuality of each component. The product is hand-made and is unique in the world, it is the pride of Siberian collection. The uniqueness of the product is emphasized by the designer package. It is based on the world-famous Khokhloma patterns and Gzhel porcelain, created by folk artists. Honored Russian artists were involved in the creation of the package for the Dvulepnye pelmeni and dumplings.

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This collection was created for those who are open to new and appreciates the diversity of life. Double pelmeni and dumplings have a nice verge of taste, emphasizing the individuality of each component. The product is made by hand and has no analogues in the world, as a matter of pride Siberian collection.

The uniqueness of the product packaging skillfully emphasizes the author. It is based on the world-famous paintings and designs khokhloma Gzhel porcelain by hand craftsmen. By creating packaging double pelmeni and dumplings were brought Honored Artist of Russia.



Dumplings DUOS - a unique format, which combines two sizes of ravioli in a single package. Dumplings is conveniently divided into two parts, a transparent partition, so you can easily choose what you today to taste. DUOS become an excellent occasion for a variety of preferences and easily covers the entire family! The range of the collection features the best combination of ravioli for every taste.